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Rachel Kreisman | Lakewood, NJ
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Rachel Kreisman

This summer, I am excited to take part in TourDeSimcha - The Ultimate Women's Run/Ride Experience benefiting the children and families of Chai Lifeline. Every mile I run/ride and every dollar that I raise will help support critical programs and services for more than 6,000 families impacted by illness, crisis, and loss. These services include counseling and case management, meals delivered to hospitals and homes, transportation to medical appointments, emergency financial assistance, insurance advocacy, i-Shine afterschool programming, Big Brothers/Sisters, crisis and trauma intervention, and Chai Lifeline’s flagship medically-supervised summer programs, Camp Simcha, Camp Simcha Special, and Camp Simcha Without Borders.

I’ve committed to raising $1,800 for this important cause and I hope I can count on you to help me reach my goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. 

Life for a child with cancer, disability, or other serious illness is grueling. From the moment of diagnosis, Chai Lifeline’s dedicated staff and volunteers are there to provide joy, hope, and unparalleled care throughout the turbulent medical journey. Please contribute generously by clicking on the donate button now.

On behalf of the children and families of Chai Lifeline, thank you for your support.


PS. For more information regarding this fundraising campaign please visit


raised of $1,800 goal


1. Benzion And Michal Ferziger
Best chosen sis ever!!!!!
2. Etty Pollak
Keep it up Rachel!
3. Rachel Kreisman
4. Faigy Zoberman
Go Rachel 🎉🎉🎉🎉!!!!!!!!! You got this!!!!!!!!
5. Reba Neufeld
I wish there was a Chai Lifeline for adults. Maybe YOU will establish it! Bracha V'Hatzlacha in your "running efforts" (Lots of Koach & Lots of Moach) - MT on finishing your courses for your degree. May you find the job of your dreams and the Chosson to go with it. GO RACHEL GO! I am cheerleader.
6. Zevi & Shevy Stern
33 donors