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Sora Greenwald | Lakewood, NJ
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Sora Greenwald

This summer, my sister Chani and I will be riding with Tour De Simcha!

We are biking in support of the Chai Lifeline family. Chai Lifeline provides countless services to benefit communities around the world. Their unwavering support helps people through difficult and challenging circumstances.
Camp Simcha empowers their campers and sees beyond their disabilities while giving the families much needed respite. The good they do is unreal.

I am passionate about raising much needed funds for Chai Lifeline.
You have the opportunity to join me in enabling the services of Chai Lifeline to continue.
Thank you for your generous support!


PS. For more information regarding this fundraising campaign please visit


raised of $2,000 goal


1. Yaakov & Sara Leah Shapiro
2. Rabbi & Mrs. Yehoshua Shapiro
In Honor of Sora Greenwald and the entire Greenwald Family. Uncle Nachmi and Tante Nechama and their entire family are incredible models for all of us, as they have re-defined the meaning of Chessed. There are no words ... only hearts filled with love and appreciation!
3. Sara Schoemann
4. Chani Greenwald
5. Leah Greenwald
Go Sora!!
6. Rikki Possick

Chai Lifeline Warrior


21 donors