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Founded over 30 years ago by our mother, Brenda Kamenetsky, Brenda's is the place for high end fashion together with the ultimate in customer service. We are happy to sponsor this bike tour in the continued spirit of the tzedakah and chessed that she practiced in her all too short lifetime.
Your wardrobe is calling, it needs some drama in its life . Embracing the body you came in!
Approximately nine years ago there was a great demand in the Jewish Community for a clothing store that sold tzniut yet very fashionable attire. That is where June Aboksis stepped in with a vision for Junees Modest Apparel for woman and girls. Junees is a store you walk into feeling as if you are in the comfort of your own home. Immediately you are greeted by our very personable sales girls and women who help from start to finish with completing the perfect outfit for any occasion. Our sales team consists of very dedicated woman who have a passion for fashion as well as modesty. When entering the world of Junees finding everything from different skirt lengths to sweaters, tees, blouses, dress, jewelry, handbags, belts and scarves are all at your fingertips. Junees has an endless variety of all needed for every season as well. We pride ourselves in our quality, prices and hospitality provided to all who enter our establishments. Our prices are very affordable and our merchandise is on the cutting edge. Girls need to know they have a place to shop where they feel comfortable knowing they can choose from the most fashion forward pieces while being dressed modestly and not feel out of place or hurting their pocket.
After years of providing modest apparel for women and teens there was a great need for a girls toddler through tweens clothing store. Requests for this type of shop were astronomical. At this time June Aboksis and Jaclyn Sarig partnered to create a shop that would emulate Junees but aimed at providing just the right atmosphere and line of clothing for younger girls. With their vision, imagination and passion for dressing Hashem’s daughter’s in a way that would make Hashem proud they were able to open the doors of Junee Juniors.
Sheridan Dental is the premier dental provider for residents in nursing homes throughout the State of Florida. We provide comprehensive dental coverage for almost 300 skilled nursing facilities, with coverage in every county of the state. Residents who participate in our program have seen a significant improvement in their overall oral health. Some of the benefits include improved speech, better eating, more confidence, as well as greatly reducing systemic diseases and oral infections.