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Rachel Leff | atlanta, GA
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Rachel Leff

To my dearest friends, relatives, acquaintances, and more,

Last year I came to you with a goal in February of 2020: Raise $5,000 for the children of Chai Lifeline. We actually got really close and then...

I don't think I need to spend any energy describing what happened next.

Now, everything is different.I went back to the gym with a mask on (though, starting June 1, I've taken it off.) and the world is constantly on edge, jumping between total fear and exhilaration that we might be getting back to normal.

Tour De Simcha 2020 didn't happen but your money went to making sure that these kids, the most vulnerable among us, were entertained over the summer in a safe and healthy way, if not the way to which they were accustomed.

Tour De Simcha 2021 was announced in January. This time I waited 5 months to reach out to you, still scared that at the last moment the race would be cancelled. The money is never, ever wasted, however I did feel bad that some of you sponsored on my behalf and I never actually got the opportunity to bike.

This year feels different. I've begun my training and I feel stronger, ready to get back out there and take on the 40 mile ride that has been planned for this year. The amount I need to raise is lower, as Chai Lifeline scales down the event for safety. I only need $2,500 and half of that I have already contributed. It is your donations that let me know that there are people behind me, pushing me across the finish line if my knees give out (which they almost certainly will.) Every donation, no matter how small, is part of my journey. And it has been a journey to get back to large bike races and mask free exercising.

The kids this year need Camp Simcha more than ever. Many of them are still trapped in quarantine as they are medically unable to get vaccines and getting the virus could be extremely detrimental to their wellbeing.

So join me on my ride, but without getting sweaty and sunburnt. Donate to my campaign at

I'll be keeping you posted on my training and posting updates on the ride to Instagram and Whatsapp.

Thank you all for supporting me, last year through the cancellations, this year as we revamp, and throughout my journey.

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raised of $2,500 goal


1. Rachel Leff
2. Rachel Leff
3. Sandy And Ira Leff
Go Rachel Go!! Your most adoring cheering section !
4. Bruce Leon
bruce and cheryl leon in honor of one of our favorite kids..rachel leff
5. Anonymous
6. Anonymous
GO Rachel gooooo!! Rooting you on from down South! You contiously amaze me each and every day!

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