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Naami Kosofsky | Far Rockaway, NY

Naami Kosofsky

Hi Friends,

This summer, I'm excited to participate in a bike-a-thon with the greatest finish line on earth- TOUR DE SIMCHA! Tour de Simcha is an exhilarating 65-mile cycling event benefiting the children and families of Chai Lifeline.

I was privileged to spend three summers as a staff member on the magical grounds of Camp Simcha, where I witnessed the healing powers of celebration and connection.

One of my favorite parts of camp is when campers share their personal stories.
I remember one camper who spoke about what she lost when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her hair, her appetite, but mostly that carefree feeling of being a kid. She gained that life back in Camp Simcha where she was able to form lasting friendships and her greatest worry was getting caught out of bed past curfew. 

The true magic of this camp happens late at night in a bunkhouse where girls share their diagnoses stories and compare scars. Or on Shabbos when Israeli, Lubavitch, modern orthodox, yeshivish, Chasidish, and completely unaffiliated Jews dance together singing Am Yisrael Chai. There's a level of achdus that makes me believe the next camp activity is welcoming Mashiach!

The beautiful children who attend Camp Simcha all have significant medical challenges. Many of them struggle with feeling different than their peers or misunderstood by society. In camp, their pain is suddenly understood and their hardships are shared. They enter a world of acceptance, belonging, and love. The joy they experience in camp lasts them throughout the year until they’re counting downs the days till camp starts again.

Creating that level of true simcha takes a lot of support. It takes doctors and nurses leaving jobs to come to camp, it takes endless hours of devoted staff members coordinating endless details, and it takes donors like you, to step up and say I want to be part of this transformative, life-giving production.

Please help me fundraise for the children and families of Chai Lifeline. Whatever you can give is greatly appreciated! Feel free to help by sharing this link with others!

Thank you!
💕 Naami

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Go Naami! You got this!
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So proud of Naami!! You got this!

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