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Margaret Levy | Englewood, NJ

Margaret Levy


On July 16th, I will be joining 6 other women, in a group called “Team Evan,” that will be biking 75 miles from Central Jersey to Camp Simcha on the annual Tour de Simcha ride.

While I haven’t been on a bike in over 10 years and have been hesitant to do this ride in the past knowing how emotional and heart-wrenching it will be, I’m going full steam ahead because I can think of no better way of honoring Evan’s legacy. My sister Emily, who also has not been on a bike in 10 years, is riding alongside me. As Evan’s aunt, Emily was by our side each and every day and gave her heart to Evan and me. I’m lucky to have her riding with me!

Two and a half years ago, many of you helped us create the Evan Levy Fund, and because of your support, we have been fortunate in raising close to $2m to provide much needed financial assistance to families tending to sick children. Since Evan’s passing, we have unfortunately gotten to know too many parents caring for an ill child, that literally come home from the hospital and have no idea how they will feed their other kids for dinner. I am not exaggerating when I say that the Fund is literally a life-saver for many families. I invite you to come see some of the letters we have received from families.

Two days after the bike ride is Evan’s birthday—he would have been 8. I think about the party we would have thrown for him and wonder whether he’d be more into basketball or hockey. I think about how excited he’d be to see Max and Zoey on visiting day. I think about him laughing and playing with his friends. I often just think of what could have been—I think of his courage, his inner strength and how he touched so many of us. I think about how he taught us to cherish what’s important. I think about how he seemed to always smile and had a twinkle in his eye, even in the darkest of times.

The Evan Fund perfectly captures his essence of trying to bring hope to those around him. I am humbled (and also very saddened) at how impactful the Fund has been for so many families. While he is no longer with us, the Evan Fund is a constant reminder of his courage, his heroism and his innate ability to help others.

Please consider supporting Team Evan---every dollar that we raise will go straight to the Evan Fund. Evan was a pure soul and by supporting us, you are not only helping children and their families cope on a daily basis, you are keeping his memory alive.

Thank you and with much appreciation, Margaret and Emily


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In memory of our dear Evan
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May Evans neshama have a huge Aliyah
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Go Team Evan. So proud (and gutsy) of you guys. Good luck and all our love.

Team Evan

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