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Leslie Morrison | Passaic, NJ

Leslie Morrison

I’m dedicating my ride this year to two people. The first is Chani Rubin, A'H, who you may remember as Emunah Chana Tova bas Fruma Hinda, our dear friend who we lost this past August to a rare form of cancer. We first met Chani when she was 10 years old, and our older son was 3 months old. She asked if she could hold him. Three hours later Chani handed him back to me, happy and content. She went onto become a regular in our home -- taking care of my kids -- and it launched her career as the best babysitter in town! Chani was a big sister to my boys and a great friend to me. I miss her company, her impish grin and great sense of humor. After her diagnosis in late 2016, Chani pressed on, refusing to slow down or to feel sorry for herself. She signed up for Yachad’s half-marathon in Miami, an annual rite for her. Remarkably, she signed as usual for the 2019 marathon even while her health was in decline.

The second person is my son Daniel, who was diagnosed at age 10 with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2013. It was Daniel’s diagnosis that inspired me to sign up for Tour de Simcha in 2014. And it is both in the merit of Chani, of blessed memory, and in honor of Daniel, that I continue to dedicate many hours to train and raise funds for Camp Simcha, which provides an amazing experience for kids with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

This will be my 6th year riding and thanks to my generous supporters, I've hit the 10K club every year! For years I rode with tremendous gratitude for all that Daniel's counselors did for him, and for us, during his toughest days. I still do. However, I'm also inspired by how Daniel has worked hard to get to where he is now. At 15, he is a strapping sophomore in high school who's on the wrestling team and man is he tough. Despite several injuries, he’s come back strong and is winning matches. He is also doing well academically and is blossoming into a gifted artist. He is dedicated, has a plan, and is relentless about keeping to it. I’m not only proud of him, I’m inspired by him.

Chai Lifeline and its wonderful Camp Simcha have helped hundreds of boys and girls. As you may know, the camp relies on your generous donations to allow kids to go to camp free of charge. For families overwhelmed with medical bills, this is a tremendous gift. (To learn more, visit

I am proud to be part of this team of amazing riders who last year raised $1.2 million. So please join me once again in this important mission to support these children. My goal for this year is to raise $18,000. I appreciate any amount you can give.

With heartfelt appreciation,

(Daniel’s Mom)

If you’d rather send a check, please write it to Chai Lifeline and mail it to me at Leslie Morrison, 10 Idaho St., Passaic, NJ 07055.



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Praying for all the riders along with the amazing children you'll be helping!

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