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Help me rise to the Challenge - Hop Aboard the Gravy Train

Chana Rudnick | Denver, CO

Chana Rudnick

YAY!!! I have qualified for the ride and also as a Sprinter ($5,000)! If I make it to the $7000.00 level I qualify as a Leader. Just 1964 (that was a good year) to go. Let's keep donating to get this fundraiser over the top.

Last summer it was Route 66 (Gershon and I turned 66) in a car.This summer, my personal route 67 will go from Central Jersey through Upstate NY on a bike (!) to support kids suffering from pediatric illness. This is no ordinary cycling event; it’s an exhilarating ride ending at Camp Simcha, a remarkable overnight camp that provides seriously ill children with a vacation from sickness, restoring their spirits and renewing their determination to fight.

To learn more about Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha special, visit

The ride will be to camp on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019. Thank you to all who have helped me qualify for this ride. The overall goal is to raise over $1 million. All donations are 100% tax-deductible, so please continue my fund raising.

Please contribute by clicking on the donate button now.

Check out this website regularly to see my progress in training.

Thank you for supporting me and, in doing so, helping children and their families cope with the diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of serious pediatric illness.

Best regards,

Chana Rudnick
PS For more info about the bike ride please visit


Happy Taxes Day! We had a snowstorm last week, snow on Shabbos Hagadol (that has happened every year since 2012, except last year) and 72 degrees today. Mom's move is all finished. She is adjusting to her new environment and we are trying to get ready for Pesach. Nevertheless, I had to get out and get some training in. Did 10 miles, averaging 10 mph. around Sloan's lake a number of times. Saw Canada Geese and Cormorants (they are always there) and at least one American Coot. I'm looking forward to the return of the American White Pelican. Tomorrow I plan to workout at the gym with a Spin Circuit program of spinning and other exercises. Last Tuesday we concentrated on core exercises.

American Coot


Busy, crazy week with beautiful weather and no time for training. Moving my mom into assisted living and cleaning out her old place. I am getting a lot of exercise, though, moving furniture, packing and carrying boxes. Today I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes on the spin bike at the gym and get the feel for what working out at 50 to 70 percent feels like. I averaged 70 percent, did some sprinting and some 'hill' work. Now it's time to get some Passover preparations done.


Eared Grebe

Another BEAUTIFUL day! Currently 70 degrees. This morning I went for distance. My son, Gavriel (aka Kyle), dropped me off at the Golden, CO government center. After a little misdirection I found the trail to the Clear Creek Trail. Got lost in the town of Golden, but a nice policeman showed me where to find it again. There was some good hill work. I hope to make it all the way to my house (35 miles, supposedly), but do to housing construction I lost the trail and had to head back to a park where I could get picked up. Nevertheless I had the longest ride of my life - 26 miles, and averaged 9.9 mph! I'm very happy with that. There are lots of marshes and ponds along the creek with many water birds. I think I saw an eared grebe. I meant to bring my camera, but forgot, so I got a picture from the internet.


Purim me

Another great day! Gershon and I did 14.76 miles along the South Platte. Had to contend with the wind, again. I achieved some personal bests on the trail and had a nice, full out power ride for a couple of minutes. The picture is from Purim. I dressed up as a biker.


Nice day today. Crocuses are blooming in our back yard and down the street. The daffodils have shot their leaves up and tulip leaves are up. Spring is in the air and today was great for a ride. I didn't have a lot of time, so I did 5 miles of hill work and had personal bests on 2 local inclines. Started on the core exercises recommended by the Tour de Simcha coach and feeling it in places.


Below is a picture of a color phase of Black Crowned Night Heron like we saw on Feb. 28th, along the South Platte. The regular ones have more of a distinction between the grey parts and white parts and very black feathers on the crown. We had an amazing blizzard on Wednesday, which dropped about 7 inches of wet snow, but today was very nice and most of the snow is gone, so Gershon and I biked down to REI to get the peddle off my bike and attach my new speed and cadence sensor. Unfortunately, it didn't work after we got it on, so we got a refund and continued to bike up Cherry Creek. Our ride today was bout 10 miles and I did a personal record on coming up Paco Sanchez Park hill. Thank you to you all for your support. I'm almost to the 'starting line' (qualifyng to go on the ride).

Black Crowned Night Heron


What a BEAUTIFUL day! I decided to take advantage of it and bundled up for a ride at 38 degrees. It really wasn't bad with all that sunshine. By the time I finished it was about 44. I left home around a little after 12:30, headed down to the Gulch and on to the South Platte. I went up river almost to Chattfield State Park. There was construction which kept me from getting there. Had to reroute Gershon for picking me up. Got in 17 miles in about 2 hours. Had a really rough head wind. I should sleep well tonight!

Northern Shovelers on the South Platte


In the upper 50s today. Gershon and I went for a nice, long, leisurely bike. 13.9 miles until my Fitbit battery ran out, so at least 14 miles. We went down the Dry Creek gully to the Platte and headed upriver. Saw lots of Northern Shovelers, a duck with a very wide bill. They pair off and go round in circles together with their heads in the water. We also saw Buffleheads and Hooded Mergansers. Sooo beautiful! On the way back home, Gershon saw a large bird land in a tree near shore. We were able to get very close. It was one of the smaller herons. It did not have the black on the head of the Night Heron. It's beak was yellowish with a little black. It was light in color, but not white. It has me baffled. The ride felt great after a week of having flu-like symptoms that put me down for a couple days. Thanks to all you supporters I'm $800 away from my goal. If you know of anyone who might be interested helping out, send them to my page.

Great day for a ride!


Joined a community gym that just opened, where I was spinning for free for trial classes. Now they have a regular schedule and the beginner spinning and yoga classes are free with the membership. I spun last Tuesday and today. I'm hanging in there. It is quite a workout! I also got a stand for riding my bike inside and set it up in the basement. Sure wish I could import the outside scenery.


Beautiful Day for a bike ride!

Gorgeous day! Currently 58 degrees. Had a great ride. Did 13 miles along the South Platte River. Averaged 10 miles an hour. Had a really tough head wind on the way back. In first gear on the flats! Stopped at REI to have my seat adjusted, at the end of my ride. Now I can stand when I do hills. YAY! My son, Gavriel, picked me up at the park near REI. This felt really good.


My bike ride was yesterday, the 27th.

Don't think I'll be biking anytime soon.

Yay! I got a ride in! I hoped to go 12 miles, and the day looked good. It was 51 degrees, but when I got down to Sloan's Lake the wind had kicked up to 8 mph with gusts (which lasted a bit) up to 17 mph. I made it around the lake twice before heading home. I did get in 6 miles and a good bit of that felt like up hill because of the wind. I was in almost the lowest gear to fight it on flat land! Today we have snow.


My availability has not coincided with our good-weather days. I haven't been idle, though. I'm trying to get the hang of spinning. It is quite a workout. Fitbit had a workout day north of here on Sunday and I went. It felt good while I was doing it but I'm still feeling those muscles. I've upped my daily steps and am trying to get 4.5 miles in per day. They're calling for snow tomorrow morning and 40's for Friday and Shabbos. Maybe Sunday, when it's 52, I'll get a chance to bike again.


Snow again today. Did not ride this week,though yesterday would have been good - 60 degrees and no wind. I did train, however. My friend and partner in this endeavor, Aviva Polter, suggested we do spinning at the new rec center to get in shape, so we tried it last night. What a workout! Thank you, Elaine Brasch, for the tip about padded bike shorts. I found a pair at half price at REI and picked them up before class. What a comfort saver! Thank you all for helping out with this. Out of 142 riders,at the moment, Aviva and I are numbers 5 & 2 with donors and 10 & 7 for amount raised.


sNOw biking today!


Dec. 27 Friends from Atlanta came in to ski and stayed with us off and on. They left today. It has been cold. Maybe winter is coming. Too cold for biking outside so did some cycling at the gym. Dec. 30 Got up to 50 today. Overcast and expecting snow (3-7 overnight and tomorrow), but I thought I'd get some biking in while I could. Gershon and I went down to Clear Creek at Pecos St. I biked as far as Sheridan and back - 6 miles. Averaged 11 mph with some mild hills and a good bit of wind. Gershon turned back early since he didn't have a windbreaker.


Dec. 20 - Did about 15 minutes of hill work and averaged 8 miles per hour. I'm pretty happy about that. Enjoying the sunny weather, but I wish we would get some rain or snow. It is very dry around here.


Dec. 5 - Rode 10 miles averaging 8.9 mph. Went around 3 times and then when to Dry Gulch to get a little hill practice in. Dec. 10 - Went biking with Gershon. Beautiful day with no wind. What a difference that makes! Did 8.7 miles, mostly in high gears. The one hill I have done in the lowest gears I did in mid gears this time. I averaged 9 mph. Dec. 16 - Worked the hills in the gulch for 23 minutes. Did 2.9 miles averaging 8.3 mph. Feeling stronger every day. Dec. 17 - Temperatures in the high 50s! Gershon and I rode down to REI. 3.13 miles averaging 11.7 mph. On the way Isaw a bunch of hooded mergansers. The males are in fine feathers. We stopped to shop then went a little further down the South Platte River and headed home 3.9 miles averaging 7.9. It's more up hill. We saw more mergansers and a male bufflehead. Neither are native to this area. A beautiful red fox nonchalantly crossed our path. Thank You, Hashem, for a great ride!


Dec. 5, 2:30 45 degrees. Another beautiful day! Went around the lake 3 times and did a little of Dry Gulch. Did 10 miles in just over an hour. Got a little hill work in, too. Little by little I should get there.


Dec. 4, 2:31 39 degrees Beautiful day! Decided to start "training" and went for a 6 mile ride. (I haven't been on my bike in months.) Starting easy. I rode to Sloan's Lake and went around twice. Saw a bald eagle standing on the ice in the lake on the southwest side. Pretty cool. There is snow on the mountains.


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4. Chana Rudnick
In honor of my children and grandchildren. Thank You, Hashem.
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6. Chana Rudnick

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Age: 12

Chana was born with epilepsy, and seizures have been part of her life since she was four. She is determined to enjoy life, and had the summer of a lifetime at Camp Simcha Special this year.
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