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Oh Pulease...

Chaia Frishman | Far Rockaway, NY
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Chaia Frishman

Blah, blah, blah. Here is an essay about why you should donate to Camp Simcha. If you don't know what Camp Simcha does by now, I am pretty confident you are living without electricity or WIFI.
It's only the Happiest Place on Earth.
It makes kids who go through pretty awful days and nights, have a respite of two weeks to feel normal again.

So let's get to it. Help me, help them.

Oh yeah, and I'm doing some bike ride or something.

Thanks for your support.


raised of $7,200 goal


1. Anonymous
2. Shoshana Frishman
hatzlachah!! cant wait to see you at the finish line iyH:)
3. Naomi Krasnow
Chaya, May u keep running and doing such great causes
4. Alan And Wendy Dvorah Gerson
5. Herman And Sharon Shtern
6. Mindy And Yakov Moskowitz
Go Chaia! Kol Hakavod! ~Mindy and Yakov Moskowitz

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