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Riding for all the CAMP SIMCHA WARRIORS

Shifra (Stacey) Zeiler | Oak Park, MI

You may already know that I've been running the Camp Simcha PotShop for the past 15 summers. Working hand in hand with all the Camp Simcha Warriors while creating amazing pieces of art! There are no words to describe the excitement on the campers faces while they work on the pottery wheel, form unique handbuilding projects, and especially when they pick up their completed pieces! I'm riding for each and every one of these warriors! In this way, they will all know at least one rider who will be riding for them - crossing the "worldsgreatestfinishline" for them!

This summer, I will bike 75 miles through Northern Jersey and upstate NY to Camp Simcha, an extraordinary overnight camp that gives ill children a vacation from sickness, and restores their spirits and renews their determination to fight.

The ride won't be easy, but neither is life for a child with cancer or other serious illness. Camp Simcha and its sister camp, Camp Simcha Special, are Chai Lifeline’s flagship programs. Every year these two camps offer 430 children a chance to forget about illness and just be kids again. (To learn more about Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha special, visit I will be biking to camp on Wednesday, July 19, 2017. My objective is to raise $30,000 by then, and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Please contribute by clicking on the donate button now.

Thank you for supporting me, and in doing so, helping children and their families cope with the diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of serious pediatric illness.

Best regards,
Shifra (Stacey) Zeiler
PS For more info about the bike ride please visit



raised of $25,000 goal


1. Michael Blisko
In honor of shifra Zeiler Matis & Ronit & family
2. William And Missy Berlin
3. Anonymous
Li'ilui Nishams Eliyahu ben Dovid and Li'ilui Nishmas Ita Leah Bas Yisroel Dov
4. Eugene And Julie Sherizen
5. Harvey And Linda Lefkowitz
6. Daniel & Daphna Zuckerbrod
Thank you for inspiring us.

Honorary Riding Partner


Age: 16

Hi my name is Henny.
I was born with a rare skin condition known as dermatosparaxis. My skin is extremely fragile and soft. Growing up always needing to be careful, refraining from many activities, getting countless bruises and always needing stitches was just a part of life. A life I got used to over time. At camp I met many friends who were like me. Read More
Although our diagnosis's differ in truth we are very much the same. There I met girls who also sat on the side by gym, who also had to be careful, and knew what it was like to be in the hospital. I have been blessed to attend camp for the past twelve years. But it wasn't until last year when I saw the power of the enormous support group I have collected over the years. In December of 2015 I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis. It attacks me and pretty much affects every moment of my day to day life. Both diseases continue to aggravate each other on a daily basis causing them both to be extremely complicated. Chai lifeline is an organization unlike any other. It's not just two blissful weeks every summer. It's not Just special food brought to the hospital. It's not just the visits. It's the volunteers who get you through the year and make camp the special place it is. It's the shabbatons, events and retreats for the whole entire family. It's that bond that you share with girls who understand as you sit around in the bunkhouse comparing side effects And your funniest hospital stories. It's the friends that will last you a lifetime. It's that beat in my heart that won't stop beating.
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