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Miles4Mimi Team Tami

Miles4Mimi Team Tami

Every year the most amazing women come together to ride in Tour de Simcha and to raise money for the happiest place on earth, the miracle we call Camp Simcha.

Team Miles4Mimi is a rock star group of women that have joined me and dedicated their ride and fundraising efforts to honor the memory of my Mother, Mimi (aka Linda Cohn). We no longer ride in honor of my Mother's strength to battle Metastatic Cancer. Instead We ride to honor her memory and to elevate her soul in Heaven. Mimi fought every day with a smile on her face just like the courageous children of Chai Lifeline.

This year, team Miles4Mimi is also dedicating our ride as a zechus LRefuah Sheleima for another incredible woman, Rebbitzen Tami Miara. Tami is one of the leading ladies of the Panama City, Panama, Jewish Community. Our team has a very special connection to Panama because that is where Mimi was born and raised. We are honored to join her fight.

Tami was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and has been bravely battling this insidious disease. Tami is the amazing mother of 5 beautiful children, ranging in age from 22 years old to 11 years of age. Tami is the life partner of Rabbi Doron Miara, she was the principal of the local "Bet Yacov" school, and a respected marriage therapist. Rabbi & Rebbitzen Miara are currently enjoying the company of their first grandchild.

Every mile we ride, every dollar we raise, every dollar you contribute will be a zechus for LRefuah Sheleima Tami Tamar bas Esther Rus and every dollar is used to enable one more child a summer filled with smiles and joy that so many of us take for granted

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