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Tammy Israel | Cote Saint Luc, QC

Tammy Israel

Last year, I somehow found myself signing up for tour de Simcha. I was hesitant and nervous and not convinced I had made the right decision. The training was longgggg, and I couldn’t imagine riding 78 miles in the scorching heat with a group of over 200 women.
As a volunteer for chai lifeline, I knew how amazing of an organization they were. How they literally do everything and anything in their power to bring a smile to children going through such difficult times. I thought I was going to join to help them...

If only I knew.

If only I knew how incredible that ride turned out to be.
If I had known the incredible feeling of achdut I would feel with all the other riders and volunteers.
If I had realized how incredibly humbling crossing that finish line at camp Simcha would be.
If I would have been able to imagine how inspiring it felt to have so many amazing children waiting, with medals, cheering us on and thanking us.
If I’d have known that after riding 78 miles, i would still have the energy to dance with all the amazing girls with such joy
If Only i knew that they were giving me so much more than I could have possibly given them.

If only I knew.

I’d have joined tour de Simcha many years ago.
And so this year, literally, as soon as registration opened I was in.
I am so in.
I will push myself to train the 100 miles (😱😱)
I will push myself to hopefully raise 10 000$ (b’h)
And I am confident that I will reach my goals because I have all these incredible children motivating me.
Knowing they’ll be waiting for me at the finish line, cheering me on, dancing with me....That’s all the motivation I need.
Because this feeling of being a part of something so special is everything.
At the end of the day, it’s all for the kids.



raised of $10,000 goal


1. Levana & Ellie
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3. Ron Israel
Great job!! Love Rachel, Yael, Naomi, Ben and Ron
4. Cakes4Cause
5. Anonymous
So proud of you Tammy! Can’t wait to dig into the treats!!
6. Vanessa Soussana
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