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Tammy Israel | Cote Saint Luc, QC
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Tammy Israel

They say the third time’s a charm, but I can’t imagine how this year will top the last two. Joining tour de Simcha has been one of the most inspiring, challenging, thrilling and amazing experiences and I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to experience it all over again.
Because as I ride into camp Simcha, and see the smiles on the kids faces, I am caught speechless.
There are no words to describe the feeling of awe and joy.
No words to explain how incredible it feels to be part of such an amazing group of strong women.
There are no words to express how inspiring and emotional dancing and singing with them truly is.
And there most definately are no words to truly convey The feeling of not only accomplishing a 100 mile ride, but to feel like every pedal stroke is making a tiny difference.
Joining tour de Simcha this year was an obvious choice for me. There was no doubt. No hesitation.
I will train, and I will work hard to surpass my fundraising goals.
Because these kids deserve it.
They are my hero’s.
And anytime doubt creeps in, I’ll think of them. If they can push past their limits then so can I.
I’ll pedal with ❤️
I’ll Pedal for them.
After all,
It’s all for the kids



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1. The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal
2. Dvir Bitton Fundation
3. Cakes for a Cause
4. Daniel And Melissa Alloul
6. Brigitte Levy Assayag

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