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Bike for Chaya!!

Penina Rabinowitz | brooklyn, NY

Penina Rabinowitz

Hi everyone! In honor of my friend Chaya a"h, I decided to join the forces of Tour de Simcha this summer. Chaya and I, along with our friends, truly enjoyed many amazing and thrilling bike rides over the years. This summer some of us are joining together with TDS to 'Bike for Chaya'!! I have pledged to raise 3600 dollars for Chai Lifeline. I am hoping that the zchus of raising this tzedaka money for such a special organization will iyH be an aliya for Chaya's neshama! Please help me reach my goal! Thank you!!


raised of $10,000 goal


1. Danny And Sarala Turkel
2. Yosef Rabinowitz
3. Tzvi & Mindy Ehrenfeld
L'ilui Nishmas Ruchama Chaya Liba bas R' Dov Pinchas
4. Usher Egert
5. Brocha Schlanger
6. Anonymous
Good luck penina!
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