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Nina Sabghir | Brooklyn, NY
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Nina Sabghir

The last few months have been so difficult for everyone.  Loss of lives and livelihoods has and continues to impact many of us, and the thought of fundraising for a camp that we don't even know will happen this summer seems strange.

All the uncertainty would make it easy and understandable for us to say that we'll just take this year off from riding and fundraising.   It is true that we don't know what the ride is going to look like this year, or if camp will even happen, but the families going through crisis with critically ill children during a global pandemic get no time off.  For them, Chai Lifeline has never been more important in providing support, both physically and emotionally.

So although our Tour de Simcha will be bare-bones this year,  without the glitz, the hotel, and the festive celebration after a grueling day-long ride up many steep hills, we will be shifting gears, literally and figuratively, to reinforce exactly why we commit ourselves to Chai Lifeline.  It's about being there for the kids and their families.

With today's economic challenges, I appreciate that giving may be harder this year.  Just know that every dollar helps so whatever you can do to help these kids and their families is greatly appreciated.  

Please help me reach my goal of $3,600 by clicking the Donate button.

Thank you for your partnership and your support.  We will get through this better together.

All the best,
Nina Sabghir

PS For more info about the bike ride please visit


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1. Anonymous
2. Robin Antar
In memory of David Antar
3. Neil Poland
You are always at the forefront. Bravo Zulu job well done.
4. Brook Otero
Happy Birthday to the Riding Grandma! Inspiring young and old alike!
5. Brook Otero
Go Ma / Bubby! Happy Birthday! Keep leading from the front! XO B
6. Shira Boshnack

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