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Why I Bike For Camp Simcha

Naomi Kramer | New York, NY

Naomi Kramer

I have had the privilege to work as a nurse in camp Simcha for the last 3 summers. From the first step I took in this magical place, I fell in love. There are no real words to describe the magic that is camp Simcha. For 2 weeks, children with terminal, chronic, or severe illnesses get to experience life with no limitations. 2 weeks with no staring, no judgement and no one telling them they CAN'T do something. For 2 weeks, it doesn't matter if you cant walk, talk, eat or see. The only thing that matters is that you have 2 weeks of non-stop fun and laughter. The power of these 2 weeks, is that it gives these incredible children the strengthen to endure 50 weeks of "regular life." The happiness, love and encouragement they receive over 2 weeks is enough to carry them throughout the entire year.

This year was a tough one for the Camp Simcha family, especially me. On January 15th, we lost our precious camper Chani Abramson. Chani went to camp for 5 summers, and had the absolute best time of her life. Chani was the very first person I ever met at Camp. She is the reason I fell in love with the place I so fondly call my summer home. Had it not been for Chani, and those 5 shorts days in summer 2016, I would not have experienced the amazingness of Camp Simcha. The smallest little joke could make Chani laugh for hours. Her smile, her laugh, her bright shining eyes. She made me see the world in a better way. She made me feel so deeply that this world we are in is not for us alone. Hashem puts us here to help others. Hashem created this world so we can spread his love and his happiness. Chani had so much love in her heart and she just constantly wanted to share it. She enhanced my world with so much Simcha.

With Tour De Simcha, I am given the incredible opportunity to give back to the place that has given me so much. I am honored to be able to ride in honor of my incredible friend Chani Abramson and all my Camp Simcha Superheros. I have set a tough goal for myself, but the strength and courage I learned from my campers will help push me through.

Please help me reach my goal, and allow me to honor my dear camper Chani and all my Camp Simcha Superheros in this special way.

Thank you for all your support and love,
Naomi Kramer


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4. Lori Sperber
Naomi you are an absolute rockstar!!! You add so much to the summers and lives of the CSS superheroes! Can’t wait to celebrate at the finish line!!!
5. Marni Strauss
So proud of all the hard work and dedication you show to the amazing campers of Simcha! Can't wait to cheer you on at the finish line! Keep up the fantastic work!
6. Aliza Samuels
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