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Faigy Sontag | Brooklyn, NY
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Faigy Sontag

For the past five years, I've had the great privilege of volunteering for Chai Lifeline. My summers working at Camp Simcha Special and the volunteering opportunities I've had during the remaining months have impressed upon me how crucial this organization and its services are to the more than 5,900 children and families they support. Pediatric illness comes with a myriad of struggles and complications, and Chai Lifeline is there every step of the way to provide financial and emotional support to the patients and their families. Whether it's counseling services, transportation to and from appointments, hospital visits, meal deliveries, insurance advocacy, after-school programs, or countless other services, Chai Lifeline volunteers are there to offer a smile and a helping hand.

This August, I'll be biking 65 miles to raise necessary funds to support all the work Chai Lifeline does. Life for a child with cancer, disability, or other serious illness is grueling. From the moment of diagnosis, Chai Lifeline’s dedicated staff and volunteers are there to provide joy, hope, and unparalleled care throughout the turbulent medical journey.

My goal is to raise $2,500, and I hope you'll support me in this endeavor! All donations are 100% tax deductible, and you'd be contributing to a wonderful cause. Every dollar makes a difference, and no amount is too small.

Thank you for your support!


raised of $2,500 goal


1. Riphkie And Mookie Neumann
2. Aaron Lippman
I am so lucky that my kallah is so caring and supports such a beautiful cause! I will always support your chesses.
3. Meira Labrie
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of maaser must be in want of a worthy cause to donate to. Keep up the good work! ❤️
4. Miri
Hatzlacha Faigy! You'll do great!
5. Faigy Sontag
6. Former President Donald J Trump
This is the greatest cause I have ever given to, truly the bigliest. No one does chessed like Chai Lifeline -- ask anyone, they'll tell you! This ride is going to be yuge, believe me.

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