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Dina Kalaty | Great Neck, NY

Dina Kalaty

This year, we ride together in memory of our dear friend, mentor and leader. Dorina was a vibrant, bold and beautiful soul who lost her battle to cancer at the age of 43. In her short but powerful lifetime, she used every opportunity she had to shed light and spread wisdom in her coaching, Torah study and teaching as well as her day to day interactions. She was always there for others in their most raw and vulnerable moments just as CL does for children struggling with cancer and debilitating illness.
Her admiration and awe of CL’s mission was on her mind and heart after learning about what they do firsthand for other community members. She was touched so much by their mission and wanted to support CL. She had a strong desire to do something with CL in her future. In her last years of professional coaching and education, she proudly made out a check of her own to donate to CL.
Her excitement and pride in doing so will never be forgotten.
BzH on July 19, we women will ride together, without her physically here, but with her in spirit because we know she’d want to be part of this cause and ride with us.
Please support Team Dorina & help us reach our goal in helping countless children and their families with support, love and care in ways unimaginable.
Thank you!

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1. Ruth & Bahman Kamali
From, Ruth & Bahman Kamali
2. Modern Jewish Woman
You're awesome Dina. You empower so many women by doing what is authentic to you. Keep going we are rooting for you!
3. Natalie & Joseph Kamali
In memory of Dorina
4. Debbie & David Kamali
Good Luck and Tizku L’Mitzvot!
5. The Pary and Abdulrahim Levian Charitable Foundation
6. Jamie Kamali
So proud of you Dee! Wishing you the best of luck on your ride for this incredible cause.

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