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Chanie Perl | Brooklyn, NY
I donated to my TDS campaign.

Chanie Perl

Hey everyone! Chanie here 👋🏽 I’m so excited to be part of Tour De Simcha, a 65 mile cycling event, benefiting children and families of chai lifeline. Chai lifeline provides a range of services including emotional support, financial assistance, and unforgettable experiences for children and families affected by serious illnesses. I am raising $3,600 for my amazing cousin, Aliza’s complete and speedy recovery. By donating to my page you are not only helping me reach my goal, but also contributing towards Aliza’s recovery and the well being of other children and families going through similar challenges. Life for a child with disability, or serious illness is grueling. From the moment of diagnosis, Chai Lifeline’s dedicated staff and volunteers are there to provide joy, hope, and unparalleled care throughout the turbulent medical journey.
Please help me help them🤍🤍
It should be in the zchus for Aliza Chana Chaya Bas Shaindel Sara to have a complete, speedy and miraculous recovery
Thank you all ❤️ Chanie


raised of $3,600 goal


1. Yitshak And Rivka Kenigsberg
Refua Shleima Behatzlacha
2. Chanie Perl
3. Chanie Perl
4. Akiva And Toby Perl
Dearest Chani, we are proud of you that you run for mitzvos !!! רפואה שלימה לעליזה חנה חיה
5. Shaindy Shor
6. Miriam Polter
Chanie you're amazing!
30 donors