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Chedvah Taub | Kew Gardens , NY

Chedvah Taub

For all of you who knew or didn’t know Ari, I’m going to try my best and describe her. Watching Arianna was like looking into the sun at its strongest peak. You could feel the warmth emanating from her tiny little body, enough to warm up the entire world. Aris laughter and love was a light in my life that I miss greatly. I had the greatest and priceless privilege of being her counselor during her last summer in camp simcha. Being loved by Arianna is one of the greatest gifts in life I have been given. I am so grateful to have known her and to have learnt from her. Arianna forever lives on in us all, and I felt it would be extremely rewarding to be able to ride for Ari. Please take a moment and spread some of that oh so bright ARI light. It only takes one click to make the world smile. Arianna used to participate in her own bike a thon and this year she will be riding right alongside us as TEAM ARI!!! I will feel her with me throughout the long ride to camp. It wont be an easy ride, but on the big hills, when it gets really hard I will play her song in my head “you can do it, you can get through it”. I will have her with me then as I do always. But I need you to make it to the finish line. I need your help and all the people Ari loves so much back at camp simcha need you too. So please take a moment and #spreadarislight. Princess Arianna this one is for you love??
-Chedvah aka sprinkles
P.S. please feel free to forward the link all proceeds will go to camp Simcha! The more the merrier??

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1. Me
For my princess, my snuggle bug, my cuddle buddy, my rockstar, my chef, my makeup artist, my fashionista, my lil scoop, my baby, my best friend, my sister, my love, my light, my world. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. Not a moment goes by that I don’t think of you. Smiling as I write this because I know that’s what you want. I’m never going to stop trying to spread your sparkle around the world. You have left this world a better place and I am changed forever. Humbled and grateful at the opportunity to have been loved by you. It is something I’ll forever miss. You will live on in all those whose hearts you’ve touched. Please send me flutters and squeeze my hand on this journey of a ride, as well as the journey we call life. Love you always, Sprinkles
2. Sarah Kaplan
Bringing you to $8K!! You got this Ched ?? L'iluy Nishmas Princess Ari & in memory of all the fun times we shared
3. Ruchie
Dearest chol hamoed chedva, Keep up all your amazingness!! thank you for making this world a more beautiful place and thank you for inspiring me every day. You got thisss!! I love you soo much
4. Ken Dubinsky
This donation is from Blair’s fundraiser with the Princess Ari sweatshirts (along with her dad and stepmom)...wishing you all the best in the ride!
5. Anonymous
6. BK

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